(working title)
radiophonic performance 
creation 2021

The light has momentarily disappeared and with it colors and outlines. In the dark only sounds remain. Nestled in an underground quarry, five voices chant an eroded code. They emit from Chôra, a mantic radio. Each of their words begins with "the image may contain." It is followed by an inventory of things and objects. In this code are housed five sung formulas, which once sung bring out places and times. All contain traces of a unique ritornello, a solace song which we do not know if it reaches us from ancient times, present or future. As if it was this future - the new morning - that was supposed to protect the past from its own defeats.

Through a fable, a modest opera offers a sensitive journey whose starting point is a rupture, a saving blindness: the dismissal of the regime of "seeing". From this infirmity other physical laws unfold and the voice becomes gaze and touch. The echo replaces the reflection and this tilt serves as a pretext for a metaphysical observation on the invisible and the discreet forms of existence. Written for a small group of five performers, a modest opera oscillates between abstraction and song. It’s a hybrid form for stage and radio.

conception Myriam Pruvot
musical collaboration Sylvain Chauveau
with Jean-Baptiste Veyret Logérias, Valérie Leclerc, Myriam Pruvot, Sylvain Chauveau (in progress)
outside eyes & ears Myriam Van Imshoot
sound engineer Christophe Hauser

Halles de Schaerbeek

FACR (fond d'Aide à la création radiophonique), Brussels (BE)
ACSR, Brussels (BE)
Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels (BE)
Festival Archipel, Geneva (CH)
La Soufflerie, Rézé (FR)

BUDA, Courtrai (BE)
Pianofabriek (BE)
GMEA, Albi (FR)
GMEM, Marseille (FR)