▶︎ Sur les Bords #4
Belinda Mathieu, in Mouvement, june 2021
About Emêtre - Singing Archives, Festival sur les Bords #4, Théâtre de Gennevilliers
commissioned by Charlotte Imbault.

Émêtre/ Singing Archives de Myriam Pruvot au Festival Sur les bords #4, T2G © Martin Argyroglo

▶︎ Ici l'onde et la matérialité du son

Bertrand Tappolet, in Le Courrier, april 2021. 
About A modest opera, Festival Archipel, Geneva.
presse Le Courrier un opéra modeste, Ici l'onde et la matérialité du son

▶︎ La foisonnante richesse des récits sonores
Bertrand Tappolet, in Gauche Hebdo, march 2019. 
About SAFAR & Je parle toutes les langues, mais en arabe. 

" Il y a quelque chose de revigorant dans les sonores documentaires et esquisses anthropologiques, métaphysiques, aux intuitions aussi vives qu’éclairantes, ciselés artisanalement par la plasticienne belge de formation, Myriam Pruvot. Quelque chose du côté de la vie, confuse, impressionniste, contradictoire, dans ce qu’elle a de moins recraché. De plus essentiel et humble, réflexif et méditatif. Quelque chose qui arrache l’écriture sonore à tous les enregistrements convenus, toutes les reproductions imaginables. Pour la jeter du côté de l’invention au sens archéologique du terme, c’est-à-dire de découverte. " (...)

Article Gauche Hebdo Bertrand Tappolet / Myriam Pruvot

▶︎ La parole chanceuse
Caroline Berliner, in Bela Magasine, 2018. 
About my radio creation La parole chanceuse.

▶︎ Insular Experience

Jessica Sofiatti & Francesca Iovene, Camerae Magazine, january 2018. 
About my work and my residency in Comacina Island. 

F.I.: How exactly does Comacina Island differ from the other island you’ve stayed? What’s got your attention? I guess the Lake Como’s weather is a little different from that in the south of Chile, as well as the whole vibe and the mood you were in during your stay. How does your work setting change, on the basis of environmental records?

M.P.: As I said before, it is a garden island. Nature is wise, discreet, there are no longer wild things around, the lake’s setting is quite touristic and that’s why it’s very different from my past experiences on islands. A huge difference is the geographic location. Islands are normally surrounded by sea, but here it is surrounded by mountains, which produces a very different imaginary. Finally I didn’t record a lot outside, maybe because of the nearby noisy road. This is something that you cannot really know in advance, how a place sounds. The takes that I plan to keep are those I recorded inside the Villa and maybe during the San Giovanni’s Fireworks. That was an impressive experience, San Giovanni’s Fireworks take place on the island but people are contemplating it from the outside, on the banks, so I was in the forefront, it was very noisy and a little bit frightening. At last I can say that my project has completely changed from what it was in the beginning, I expected to melt into the landscape and eventually I was in a very lonely and introspective mood.