05/25.06.2017 | Residency on Comacina Island (Italy) with Wallonie Bruxelles International
15/28.05.2017 | La parole Chanceuse & Champ Constant residency at La Bellone Brussels, Belgium
28.04.2017 | Champ Constant at Théâtre de Poche in Hédé (France)
02.04.2017 | Concert (+ Gérald Kurdian + Baptiste Brunello + Scarlet'O'Hanna ) at Brass Belgium
16.03.2017 | Concert at TULITU, Brussels, by invitation of the I Will Play This Song Once Again
06/11.03.2017 | Residency at l'Abbaye de Royaumont (France) for Champ Constant, a choregraphic piece by Céline Cartillier
17.02.2107 | Contribution to Hylé Tapes's compilation  "self-identified-non-male-artist-making-experimental-music"
01.02.2107 | Recording for La parole Chanceuse at ACSR in the framework of Empreinte